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Clearly, The Best For Your Vision

Our surgeons have performed thousands of successful LASIK Laser Vision Procedures. Visit the one of the most experienced LASIK Laser Vision Practice in New York

How would you like to free yourself from the discomfort of wearing contact lenses or glasses? Now you can wake up each morning with excellent vision, not needing your glasses or contact lenses to see clearly.

That is the potential of LASIK Laser Vision Correction. Activities such as skiing, swimming, golf, or any one of a hundred other activities is easily within your reach without contact lenses or glasses through successful LASIK Laser Vision Correction.

Improve family lifestyle

We are located in the world renowned New York Eye and Ear Infirmary. Our mission is to be the surgeon of your choice for Laser Vision Correction. We want you to choose us because we achieve superior surgical outcomes while providing the highest standard of care and customer service for our patients.

Achieve career goals

We will maintain our position as the leading LASIK and corneal refractive surgeons in the northeast through education and surgical planning, state-of-the-art technology, leading to the very best comfort, safety and visual outcomes. We are committed to helping our patients change the way that they see the world, and free them of any functional limitations that glasses or contact lenses place on their career opportunities, leisure activities, and quality of life.

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