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For their June 8, 1998 issue, New York Magazine teamed up with Castle Connolly Medical, a research and publishing firm that annually surveys the New York medical community and publishes a popular guide "How to Find the Best Doctors."  They awarded:

The Best Doctors in New York Laser Vision Correction / Cornea
John A. Seedor, M.D.

The Best Doctors in New York Ophthalmic Refractive Surgeon and Complicated Cataracts
Richard S. Koplin, M.D.


Dr. John Seedor and his patient Joe Andruzzi were interviewed by the New York Daily News.  Below are excerpts from the article. "Most people are so ecstatic," said Dr. John Seedor, chief of cornea and refractive surgery at New York Eye and Ear Infirmary.  "There's no IV, no sedation, no injection, just a topical anesthesia.  There's very little pain. For the first few hours, there's a sensation of a hair in the eye."

Dr. Seedor and Joe Andruzzi Dr. Seedor and Joe Andruzzi, Offensive Guard - Green Bay Packers

Afterward, patients say they felt little discomfort.  "I went home, took a nap and I was fine," said Joe Andruzzi, an Offensive Guard for the Green Bay Packers and a Staten Island native who came back to New York for the procedure.  l  He had the operation done because the glasses he had worn since first grade weren't an option on the football field and he was tired of losing contact lenses. "My helmet used to come down and pop them out," he said.  "It would pop out and I would be able to grab it with my hand, and put it under my tongue and hang onto it until I got to the sidelines."

Joe Andruzzi now has 20/20 vision.

UPN 9 Dr. Seedor is Interviewed by Dr. Frank Fields on UPN 9 NewsDecember 31, 1998

A LASIK procedure, performed by Dr. Seedor on patient Daniel Bloom, was aired on December 31, 1998 on UPN 9 News.  Both Dr. Seedor and Daniel Bloom were interviewed by Dr. Frank Fields.  Here is what they had to say:"There was nothing to it," said Mr. Bloom.  "There was no pain, only bright pretty lights.  My blurred vision cleared within hours.""Laser Vision Correction is one of the true modern medical miracles of our time," said Dr. Seedor.  "The vast majority of people can be tremendously helped with this procedure.""Not having to wear my glasses gives me a real sense of freedom!"  -  Daniel Bloom

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