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Patient Comments

What do our patients say?


"Dr. Seedor, It was very important that I fully understood what to expect. Your staff and you did a superb job explaining the process and expected outcome. The results have exceeded my very high expectations. "

-Richard H. Lenny
Nabisco Biscuit Company

"Dear Dr. John Seedor,
I just wanted to thank you for doing such a great job on my LASIK two weeks ago. It felt great having someone I trust do the surgery, and my vision is fantastic. All my patients are asking me why I look so much younger all of a sudden.
Again, thanks for a job well done. "

-Richard N. Gordon, M. D.


"It's like a dream come true - even better than I expected! Dr. Seedor is wonderful. I can't believe it was so easy and that I can see without my glasses!"

- Carol Hay
English Teacher

The Miracle on 14th Street

To have your vision go from not being able to see the big E and being totally dependent upon glasses, for such simple things like finding the light switch in your own home, to almost perfect vision is a miracle.

Only three days after surgery, I can watch television and drive my car without glasses. My eyes are still healing and are only mildly uncomfortable. My eyes feel like they did when I was adjusting to wearing my hard contact lenses. The natural tears help relieve that feeling.

Freedom from contact lenses

I began wearing glasses in second grade. My myopia increased every six months and at seventeen, I began using hard contact lenses. I wore them for thirty two years until dry eyes prevented me from using them. For the last three years, wearing glasses full time left my nose often sore from the weight of the glasses (although they were the thin plastic lenses with very light frames). Now after forty five years of being dependent on glasses, I can function without them. Having LASIK has at times been very emotional:I cried when I looked at the flag in my classroom and saw stars without glasses for the first time in my life. My friends are astonished when I tell them the things I am noticing for the first time without glasses.

The feeling of security knowing I can live a normal life without glasses is overwhelming and peaceful and something I will always appreciate.

- Carol Wittmann

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