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II. Preparation for your LASIK proceedure:

  1. Do not wear your contact lenses before the laser surgery. Soft lenses should not be worn for at least one week, and hard or gas permeable for 2-3 weeks. Please contact us well in advance of your surgery if you have any questions regarding contact lens wear.
  2. Please try to come to our office one hour before your scheduled surgery time. We occasionally have cancellations or are running ahead of schedule, so that we can sometimes start your surgery early.
  3. You may eat a light meal or drink fluids before the surgery.
  4. Try to wear loose, comfortable clothing, as you will not have to change clothes for the procedure.
  5. Please do not wear eye makeup the day of the procedure.
  6. You should plan to be with us for two to two and on half hours all-together.
  7. As your vision may be blurry immediately after the procedure, you should not drive yourself to the laser center. Plan on taking a taxi or car service, or have a friend or relative accompany you home.
  8. We suggest that you not return to work after the procedure, and if possible, plan to take the next day after your procedure off from work (or at least not schedule anything important!) as the vision may still be a little bit blurry. However, most people report that they are able to work the next day without difficulty.
  9. You will receive all the medications necessary for the postoperative periods, and instructions on how to use them, at the laser center.
  10. We will need to examine your eye(s) the day after surgery. Please call our office if you did not receive an appointment time.

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